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WINTER Sabine’s profile, play style, transition of the world ranking, main result with the Japanese player after 2014


Play style
Date of birth
world ranking
World Table Tennis Championships participation career
(As of February, 2017)

Right-handed , Shakehand
September 27, 1992
7 times(2010~2016)

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Ability data


Transition of the world ranking

It’s compared with SOLJA Petrissa , SILBEREISEN Kristin , ZHOU Yihan , CHEN Szu-Yu by a calendar.

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Main result with the Japanese player after 2014

Event (Schedule) world ranking
Result Opponent (Association) world ranking

Hungarian Open(2014.1.29-2.7) wr101
 4-2  MATSUDAIRA Shiho(Japan)wr78

Kuwait Open(2014.2.12-16) wr91
 3-4  MORIZONO Misaki(Japan)wr39

Spanish Open(2014.4.2-6) wr79
 4-0  MORIZONO Misaki(Japan)wr29
 4-1  HAYATA Hina(Japan)wr-
 4-3  WAKAMIYA Misako(Japan)wr56
 3-4  HIRANO Miu(Japan)wr49

Czech Open(2014.8.27-31) wr55
 4-2  HAMAMOTO Yui(Japan)wr78
 3-4  ISHIGAKI Yuka(Japan)wr26

Spanish Open(2015.3.25-29) wr58
 2-4  SO Eka(Japan)wr-

Croatia Open(2015.5.19-23) wr60
 4-2  TASHIRO Saki(Japan)wr97
 4-0  ISHIGAKI Yuka(Japan)wr22
 1-4  ITO Mima(Japan)wr11

Czech Open(2015.8.26-30) wr52
 0-4  HIRANO Miu(Japan)wr19

Swedish Open(2015.11.11-15) wr52
 1-4  ITO Mima(Japan)wr11

World Table Tennis Championships(2016.2.28-3.6) wr58
 1-3  ITO Mima(Japan)wr12
 1-3  ITO Mima(Japan)wr12

Polish Open(2016.4.20-24) wr51
 4-3  AMANO Yu(Japan)wr-

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